School of Style: Are You Ready to Start Your Career as a Stylist?


Since 2008 School of Style has been the number one training program in the U.S. for aspiring celebrity, fashion, and personal stylists. We offer an affordable and powerful alternative to traditional fashion schools. Through our intensive, hands-on learning system, taught and developed by some of the world’s most successful stylists, our students gain an enormous advantage over anyone attempting to enter this competitive field.

School of Style not only provides the most comprehensive education in the world of styling, but has also connected thousands of our graduates with high profile jobs in the fashion industry through our Style Society job placement program.

Stylist Certification Program

This intensive 9-day certification course is the core of our program. Every aspect of the styling industry is covered, including the essential business fundamentals, the art of styling, and the hands-on experience of working on an actual set/shoot.

Personal Styling Certification Program

This comprehensive 2-day certification course teaches every skill required to become a professional personal stylist, as well as providing a complete business model with which students can immediately launch their career upon course completion.

Best of School of Style's Style Society Success Stories


"I am so in awe of what School of Style is doing for future stylists. I can't imagine any other school preparing you better for actually getting hired and working in
the industry of styling."


(Bradley Cooper, Lady Antebellum, Ryan Reynolds, Nina Dobrev)