Personal Stylist Certification Program

The Personal Stylist Certification Program is a two-day class that is specifically designed for aspiring personal stylists. If you live in a city where a career in high fashion or celebrity styling isn’t available to you, or your passion is to help people by developing their personal style – then perhaps a career in personal styling is for you.

During this two-day course, students will be provided with the tools needed to start their own personal styling business. This class is the perfect introduction to the career and covers a wide range of topics including creating a business plan, communicating with clients, how to conduct a closet audit, and much more.

Students will be provided with a comprehensive workbook, water, and light refreshments during this one-day course. Lunch is not provided, however there will be a one-hour break where students can leave for lunch.

An official School of Style Certificate of Completion will be issued to each student who successfully completes this course.

This class is taught by School of Style Co-Founder Lauren Messiah. 

What’s Covered:

  • An introduction to a career in personal styling
  • How to start a personal styling business
  • How to market yourself as a personal stylist
  • Learn to conduct a client consultation
  • Shopping and styling a variety of clientele
  • Policies, paperwork, and billing as a personal stylist
  • Sample forms needed to run a styling business
  • Getting started as a personal stylist
  • Guidelines to continued success after completion of this course

Student Success Story


Reichelle Palo

Since graduating in 2011, Reichelle has worked for some of the world’s most powerful stylists including: Rob and Mariel, B. Akerlund, and Arianne Philips. Reichelle has even been able to take on a few jobs as a key stylist for red carpet events, fashion editorials, and press events.

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  • LA
  • Aug-27 to Aug-28 Quixote Studios
  • Register by August 25
    Register by July 16

  • NY
  • Jul-16 to Jul-17 Industria Superstudio
  • Register by July 16
    Register by June 4